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Spellburn and Battlescars is a Sword & Sorcery TTRPG where you play foolhardy adventurers who delve into mysterious places for wealth.

This handbook contains extra rules, procedures, and tools to help you — the GM — create and run games. It can also be used along other Mark of the Odd RPGs!

The Handbook Contents

  • Adventuring procedures: event die for dungeon and wilderness exploration.
  • Expanded NPCs rules: organizing encounter tables, handling spellcasters and languages. Also a more detailed opponent builder.
  • Factions: a complete structure to emulate faction play.
  • Training: explaining how PCs can acquire new special abilities and a few examples.
  • New archetypes: a framework for you to create your own archetypes with two new examples  — the Ranger and Gnome!
  • Deities and patrons: tips and templates to portray the powerful beings of your world.
  • And more: alternative species, skill checks, familiars, treasure tables.

Base Game

Itchfunding (Done!)

Although complete, the PDF still needs polish. We think this funding model meets everything we need right now. Even if we don't achieve the goal, we'll be pushing slowly to deliver the complete version, but you can help speed up the process and turn it into a better product! :)

Our Goal

This pays everything we need to finish the digital project. Maybe it is a little more or a little less, we can't be sure because of the taxes.

After the funding is over, every purchase made in the campaign will add a Community Copy of both the base game and the Game Master's Handbook.

What people said about the base game:

Good Pick for those who like fast paced and simple systems. This TTRPG is an OSR child with a treasure driven goal and clean combat rules. — euibp
As someone who always loved the ~vibe~ of DCC but was turned off by so many tables and dice, I love this! I can't wait to dive into a DCC adventure with these rules. — abjaquaying
Excellent, this is game i was looking for! Can't wait for game masters book. — Dragoras89
Simple yet totally functional sword and sorcery RPG. The danger level and do it yourself attitude of OSR games, the zaniness of DCC's magic corruptions, and the ease of use of games based on Into The Odd. The Google Spreadsheet Character Keeper is a real plus. What's not to love? — mekkagodzilla
The combination of the old-school inspired archetypes with the base Into the Odd chassis is great! — deadpanbob

What do you receive?

You'll receive a draft version of the Game Master's Handbook PDF right away, with inside art and all planned content, but yet unedited.

We'll be releasing project updates as work progress.

If you bought the bundle with the base game, you'll also receive the complete version of it. 


Basically it will take longer for us to release the complete version, and the quality of the text might not be as good as it should as english is our second language.

Planned timeline if the project funds:

  • February — Itchfunding begins, draft is available for download;
  • March — Cover art and editing gets commissioned;
  • April — Complete PDF version is released;


Writing and DesignMatheus Henrique Morais

Creative SupervisorLuís Fernando Anizello

EditingCamilla Zamboni

Layout: Spellburn and Battlescars is designed using the standardcat A5 template created by Luka Rejec of WTF Studio

Inside Art: Bert Bogaerts, Daniel F. WalthallEmiel Boven and Jason Glover


We are focusing SAB related discussions into a single forum. Found an error? Do you have any questions about the rules? Talk to us there!

SAB's Community

CategoryPhysical game
Release date Feb 13, 2023
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(20 total ratings)
AuthorMatheus Henrique Morais
Tagscairn, dcc, Dungeon Crawler, into-the-odd, Itch Funding, ito, nsr, OSR, sword-and-sorcery, Tabletop role-playing game
Average sessionA few hours


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These initial copies have been granted by the people who kindly supported this book's Itchfunding. New copies will be added regularly, hit me up if they're empty for multiple weeks.

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