Release Recap

Hi everyone, doing a quick post about these last days.

Mostly I want to thank everyone for the support. We got a lot of attention in the game, all community copies were claimed and we even got to the top of physical-games on itch!

Now I want to see what people think of the game. Grabbed it? Leave a rating or a review, share your thoughts! Played it? Please send us a report of your impressions! It can be as simple as you'd like.

What's Next

As promised, we're going to support this game with a stream of additional content, right now we have two things in progress:

  • Gamemaster's Handbook: Currently being written, at around 50%. The largest part of it will be a section of optional content to support tables, so we're still ironing out what'll go in or be left out. 
  • The Space Playset (WIP TITLE): Do you want to have Sword & Planet adventures akin to Masters of the Universe or Heavy Metal? This supplement is for you! Contains alternate Character Creation, Equipment, Psionics, rules for Dangerous Tech and Spaceships. The first version is already written and playtest will start in the following weeks!

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Do you need people for the playtest? Either as players or GMs? And do you have a discord server for the game or something?

We aren't looking for playtesters at the moment. A few personal issues came along the way and we had to slow down on playtesting for now. 

The game doesn't have enough of a presence yet to warrant a dedicated for server for it. But if you're looking for places to talk about it you can join:

  • The NSR Cauldron is a general TTRPG discord, but there's a big ItO following there and I'm quite active there (I'm one of the moderators).
  • The Cairn discord. Cairn is one of the grandparent games of SaB, and there's plenty of talk about its hacks in there, including this one.